Online Services
  Krupa Homoeopathists offer online consultancy services. Availing these services is a simple process and is explained below.
Step 1
To provide an online service we need some information. Please send an e-mail outlining your ailment/issue to (Please do ensure your e-mail address is correct. We will not be able to respond otherwise! ). If you have a patient reference number provided to you earlier by us then please include it in this email.
Step 2
Expect an e-mail response within three working days. The e-mail will contain a questionnaire and will also provide information on fees for consultation, medicine and shipping costs along with payment options.
(Note: If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment from us within three working days, there could be a possible issue with the e-mail address you have provided. If so, please re-send the e-mail in step 1 with the right e-mail address).
Step 3
Fill out the questionnaire, make the requisite payment and e-mail the questionnaire to as an attachment. With the details provided, your case will be studied and analysed. If further information is required we will get in touch with you by e-mail. Depending on each case the time duration may vary. Typically we expect to finish the first consultation within 3 working days.
Step 4
After the consultation is complete, requisite homeopathic medicine will be prescribed. These medicines will be sent through courier or speed-post to the mailing address indicated by you in the questionnaire.
You will also receive an e-mail indicating when the medicines have been dispatched. If you are a new patient a reference number will also be provided in the e-mail for all future references. This reference number will need to be quoted by you henceforth both for this consultation and future consultations, if any.
Step 5
After taking the prescribed medicines, please provide us with your feedback by sending an e-mail to quoting the reference number provided to you earlier. This will ensure that you receive effective and ongoing on-line support during the course of your treatment.
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